Customer Rights Protection

Within the framework of the methodology followed by the Central Bank of Egypt and activating its supervisory role in the field of protecting customer rights, instructions were issued on February 13, 2019, to protect the rights of customers in the Banking Sector, service providers, and support companies, which aim to strengthen the understanding of transparency and disclosure in financial and banking transactions provided by banks operating in Egypt to various customers in all sectors.

The main purpose of said instructions is to emphasize the importance of preserving the bank’s customer rights by developing the best possible means necessary to apply the best international practices to protect customer rights with a clear regulatory framework that defines the relationship between the bank, service providers, and customers. This, to ensure that customers obtain their rights in terms of justice, transparency, and maintaining data confidentiality.

However, the concept of protecting the rights of the bank customers means the existence of a clear regulatory framework that determines the relationship between each of the banking service providers and their users, in order to ensure that customers obtain their rights in terms of justice, transparency, and maintaining data confidentiality, while ensuring the existence of a mechanism for dealing with complaints. In addition to raising banking awareness among customers, enabling them to make sound decisions.

Moreover, one of the bank’s top priorities to raise the level of customer satisfaction by virtue of adopting many goals and values, the most prominent of which is “We work for your future” and providing many communication channels that enable the customer to submit his complaint or express an opinion about any services or products provided by the bank to better understand customers and provide a good opportunity to improve the level of service provided and build a good relationship with our  customers.


The bank commits to
  • Updating the information about services and products provided to customers, so that it is clear, concise, easy to understand, accurate and not misleading, while making it accessible through the bank’s website or publications available in branches or the customer service center.
  • All financial, personal data and information of the customer are considered confidential information and may not be used or traded with others without obtaining the customer’s written approval in advance, without prejudice to the relevant laws.
  • Providing the appropriate environment to protect customers’ financial and personal data as well as information, whether said data and information are kept by the bank or by any third party with whom the bank deals.
  •  Not disclosing any information or data related to customers or their accounts except after verifying their personal identity - or their legal representative.
  • You have the right to cancel any banking product or service that has not been activated (except for savings products) within two working days as of the date of concluding the contract without imposing any expenses or fines other than the actual expenses that the bank may have incurred.
  •  In case you object to any data sent by the bank, before the end of the period prescribed in accordance with the provisions of the Central Bank, Banking System and Money Law, the bank is committed to review the matter and take the corrective measures within a period not exceeding fifteen working days as of the date of the client’s objection, with the exception of objections related to transactions with external parties, as said review may take a longer period.
  • The Customer has the right to carry out a clearance or settlement of his accounts at all times except in cases where the product terms require that outstanding amounts not be disposed of
The customer commits to
  •  The customer must review the bank’s website periodically to learn about the terms & conditions of the products and services, and also to know the expenses and fees related to the services and products as well as any updates that may occur to them.
  •   Read the contracts and forms related to the services provided to you by the bank carefully to ensure that you understand them completely.
  • Update personal data with the bank, including residential and work addresses, email, and phone number.
  •   Notify the bank or service provider immediately and without delay upon becoming aware of any transaction involving theft, embezzlement, tampering with accounts, or debiting unauthorized transactions from the customer on debit or credit cards.
  • Providing accurate and clear information to the bank or service provider that enables them to provide appropriate services and products to the customer.
  •   Protecting cards and information related to electronic services, for example: banking services via the Internet and mobile phone, besides maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password.
  •   In case the customer does not commit to what was stated in the previous clauses, the customer bears full responsibility for any transactions that took place without his approval besides the resulting commissions and expenses.


Banking culture and awareness
  •   You must notify the bank of any change that may occur in your personal data on our part.
  • Review your personal account information and transactions.
  • You have to read all terms and conditions of contracts as well as the forms and ensure that you clearly understand their contents before signing or leaving the branch.
  •  Be alert to fraud.
  • You must notify the bank immediately if you become aware of any theft, embezzlement, tampering with your account or any debit carried out as regards unauthorized transactions.
  •  Do not open texts, pop-up windows, or suspicious emails - cancel them.
  • keep your personal details secure.
  •   Keep your phone and computer devices secure.
  •  Choose your passwords carefully.
  •   Beware of any requests regarding your private or financial details.
  • Be careful upon shopping online.


Mechanism for dealing with customer complaints.
  • The customer has the right to submit a complaint to the Complaints Department at MIDBANK through any of the bank’s branches or register it through one of the other channels or means provided by the bank or that it develops. The bank is committed to respond to the complaint within 15 working days as of the date it is submitted, except for complaints related to transactions with external parties, which the customer will be notified by the period necessary to study the complaint.
  • Customer Service Center: 19189
  • MIDBANK website: https://midbank.com.eg/en/contact-us/:https://midbank.com.eg/en/contact-us/
  •  In case the customer does not accept the response of the bank or the service provider, the customer must notify the bank in writing within 15 working days as of the date of the response, including the reasons for non-acceptance, and in the event that the customer does not do so, it is considered an implicit acceptance of said response.
  •  In case the bank is notified of the non-acceptance of the response, the bank shall reconsider and examine the complaint again, and provide a final response to the customer within 15 working days, accompanied by clear justifications, especially if the response has not changed.
  • The customer may escalate the complaint to the Central Bank of Egypt directly in case of:
  • Failure to respond definitively to the complaint submitted within 15 working days as of the date MIDBANK received it.
  • The customer did not accept the bank’s final response to the subject of the complaint.