Time Depoist Rate

If you are looking for short-term or long-term investment, being a client of MIDBANK should be a must, as you will always find what you need, pertinent to deposits, within the list of our services under this criterion:

  • The term of the deposit can be determined for a specific period of time (ranging between a week up until a year), by depositing the amount, then agreeing on a specific maturity date and a fixed rate of return.
  • Deposits to individuals and companies are offered.
  • The return is deposited in any of the client's accounts.
  • Automatic renewal is optional upon customer request.
  • A part of the deposit can be withdrawn when needed during its validity, without affecting the value of the deposit per se, and the remaining part shall continue at the same price until maturity date.
  • The interest is disbursed upon maturity of deposits.
  • Up to 90% of the deposit value can be borrowed.


Deposit Price for 1 Week

Deposit Price for 2 Weeks

Deposit Price for 3 Weeks

Deposit Price for 1 Month

Deposit Price for 2 Months

Deposit Price for 3 Months

Deposit Price for 6 Months

Deposit Price for 1 Year


4 %

4 %

4 %

4.25 %

6 %

7 %

8 %

9 %


0.5 %

0.5 %

0.5 %

1.5 %

1.5 %

2 %

2.75 %

3.75 %