Time Deposits (TD)

With MIDBANK, you can enjoy a uniquely customized service package that fulfills the demands of individuals who are willing to invest either in short, medium, or long terms.

  • You can easily select a lock-in period for the deposit to be kept for a fixed maturity date (carrying maturities ranging from one month to one year). TD features a fixed interest rate
  • Time deposit services are available for both individuals and corporates
  • Interest rates on time deposits will be transferred to any of the client’s accounts
  • Auto-renewal of the deposit is optional upon the client’s request
  • Partial withdrawal of the deposit is available if needed without losing all of the interest earned. Prorated interest will remain payable at the same rate until the maturity date
  • Time Deposits interest rate paid at maturity (starting from 1 month up to 1 year)
  • The client can secure a loan up to 90% of TD value

Terms & Conditions Apply

For more information, contact us by phone at 19189 or visit your nearest branch to speak to us in person.


Deposit Price for 1 Week

Deposit Price for 2 Weeks

Deposit Price for 3 Weeks

Deposit Price for 1 Month

Deposit Price for 2 Months

Deposit Price for 3 Months

Deposit Price for 6 Months

Deposit Price for 1 Year


4 %

4 %

4 %

4.25 %

6 %

7 %

8 %

9 %


0.5 %

0.5 %

0.5 %

1.5 %

1.5 %

2 %

2.75 %

3.75 %