Non-Interest-Bearing Current Account

MIDBANK Current Account in EGP currency and major foreign currencies offer you multiple options and various benefits, with free access for deposit and withdraw cash anytime and carry out all the banking transactions.


  • Offered for both individuals and companies
  • Available in EGP currency and basic foreign currencies
  • The Minimum balance to open the account is EGP 5,000 / USD 1000 or its equivalent in other major foreign currencies


  • Deposit and withdraw cash anytime through MIDBANK branches with no fees or commissions
  • Full access to your Current Account through chequebooks / and or Debit Cards
  • Availability to issue chequebook
  • Availability for joint account holders
  • Pay your bills and financial transfers
  • Receive detailed bank account statements on monthly, or quarterly basis, according to your needs
  • The possibility to place standing instructions to your direct debit from your current account

Required Documents:

  • Copy of ID for Egyptians or a valid passport for expatriates.
  • For Egyptians: Proof of residence; a recent electricity bill or gas bill
  • For expatriates: Proof of residence; tenancy contract issued or notarised by a governmental or public entity
  • Proof of salary as required for applicable facilities

Terms & Conditions Apply

For more information, contact us by phone at 19189 or visit your nearest branch to speak to us in person.