Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion as a Concept

Financial Inclusion aims to provide accessibility of financial services and products to all segments of the society – whether individuals or institutions – by offering financial services and products at a suitable quality and reasonable prices through formal financial sector channels in order to cater to their needs responsibly and sustainably.


Financial Inclusion in Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is leading campaigns to spread awareness about financial inclusion, as one of Egypt’s targets to promote the citizens’ quality of life.  


MIDBANK & Financial Inclusion

Stemming from its deep commitment to backing the state and CBE’s efforts to achieve financial inclusion and empower all segments of society in order to have access to financial services and products that cater to their various needs, MIDBANK has been taking part in several initiatives and events.


CBE’s Financial Inclusion Bulletin 

Financial Inclusion Products – opening accounts for everyone and anyone (Hesab El Kol)



Financial Inclusion Accounts for Individuals

Financial Inclusion Accounts for individuals

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Economic Activity Account

An account for self-employed individuals

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Accounts For Micro-entities

An account for micro-sized entities and individually-owned businesses

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Saving Account For Youth

The Youth Saving Account; the packages and benefits

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